Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I See Real Ground Out There!

Yes, I do; some DRY ground, even! The last time I took a good walk around the neighborhood, only one sidewalk was usable. What I thought would be a fast walk---like everyone else, I really needed a Fast Walk after the way this winter has been---turned into more of an endurance hike than anything else. Well, it all worked out after awhile, with no broken bones to speak of. Really, NO broken bones. I have to joke, because although the footing looked pretty good when I drove up my street in the car, and that's what got me so determined and cheerful (deluded, really) about a Fast Walk in the first place, by the time I was on foot it was a whole other story. Hummocks and peaks of ice, then just enough solid ground to keep a person unaware of the little slick spots that came next. Can't call it black ice, as the sidewalk is brick. So is it red ice? Absolutely.

Today is a whole other story. The driving rains on Sunday night into Monday morning, got rid of all the sidewalk treachery. It's enough to make anyone start their blog. Again. This time I'll keep it going. The middle grade novel is finished and beginning its rounds of publishers. Notes for another are sitting in a little stack right here. Artwork projects are nearly finished, then I can start some new ones, including illustrations. The sun is warmer, higher in the sky, and ambition is getting completely out of hand. I'm grabbing it right now and aiming it in the right direction. Toward this spring and summer's goals.

How did the winter treat you? What are your goals now that nice weather is on the way?

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