Sunday, March 14, 2010

Horse Art and Fiction Writing

It will be best if the April-like RAIN pouring down today, doesn't give the flowers of May any ideas about growing! It is barely mid-March, not even time for mud season. There's one thing, though, that works for me: turn on some music which could be anything from CD's to tapes OR the oldies station on the radio, and definitely includes lp's.

With the last two chapters of the novel in full tilt, bringing me into Emma's world again (lately it's a hot summer day and a crisis is in the offing), there's no time to mix CD's of favorite oldies, and so---the radio. As for lp's, I kept mine when CD's came in and big-old-vinyl supposedly went Out. Now it's back. I say, "When did it leave?" With the 1970's stack-up turntable there's no limit to the mix. There are six records on there now: classical guitar, Frankie Carle cocktail piano, Glenn Yarbrough and the Limeliters AND Ian Tyson with what I call cowboy-folk.

There. That is good for the energy, today. No, music is not distracting to me.Let the rain pour down if it must. I hear that tomorrow will be better.

Friday, March 12, 2010

New Horse & Dog Art In Progress. The Middle Grade Novel is Nearly Done

Horse art in pencil is underway in my studio. After completion of two portraits, I'll be able to give much more attention to the new art, including various breeds of dogs in pencil. The middle-grade novel(for ages 8-12)which features therapeutic riding, possibly with illustrations, is nearly finished, also!
The sunny, warmish (yes, Warmish; what else would we expect in March) are enough to make anyone run right out there and rake the yard, except that the ground is still frozen. Well, it IS March, even if some of these days remind us of mid-April. Speaking for myself, I'll channel my energy into finishing the last half of the book and getting into drawing!

My new little dog, adoped 5 weeks ago, is doing well! Rescued from a puppy mill in the South, she had no idea what a leash was for, or toys either. Or how to do her business outside. OR that she could actually be invited onto the couch, with its own throw, just for her, to cuddle while I read, see something watchable on TV or listen to music. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (nice and small, good cuddle-size, and they need only to be near somebody, get some cuddles, then they rest and wait for the next event. They're perfectly happy, waiting. It's what they were made for. All she ever did, was to have puppies. She loves walking and running on the leash now, and LOVES sitting in the sun, sniffing the breezes. I began showing her 'Outside is the place to Go.' When she suddenly realized This Was Possible, she was delighted at each success. Really. I don't think it was only the dog-treat afterward. Either's working. And isn't she going to make a good model for some artwork.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How nice it was, to be invited to participate in the first-ever equine art exhibit at the Northeast Horsemen's Conference held in the Augusta Civic Center, January 16 & 17. I was in very good company, because Kathi Peters, Beth Carlson, Penelope Plumb and Katherine Prendergast also exhibited their work. I loved talking with them and enjoying the great variety of styles, use of color and choices of mediums. Oil, acrylic, and pencil were represented, and I think I also saw some watercolors.

The artwork was beautifully set off by the black drapes which formed the backdrop throughout the exhibit area, which was arranged so viewers could stroll, and enjoy, at their leisure. Though located on the main floor with all of the vendor spaces, the black drapes kept it sectioned off and somewhat protected, yet completely accessible to all. I loved the way it was set up.

And now we're well into February. With the days getting longer, and the sun higher in the sky, inspiration increases, so new art is in the works, and my novel for 8-12-year olds is coming right along! Isn't the creative life fun!

What are your favorite ways of preparing to begin a new season of making art?