Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fryeburg Fair artwork; my article:"Lovebirds; Lovable---Or Not?"; matting/framing: it looks like, for once, several goals at once are being met, and most of them ahead of time. THAT's what I LIKE, and I'm this happy because usually I don't GET to be this happy about Goals.

Many things conspired against these things getting done as soon as they had to be! There's no point in going into that. It's over. Whatever slows us down or works against us to the point of discouragement---if we give in---gives us the chance to get above it all, to do what we've gotta do, (yes, 'gotta'; it fits the situation) and to feel that nice sense of accomplishment at the end of it all.

See? The quote in my previous post: Function in disaster, finish in style (from Lucy Madeira) fits right into everyday life just fine. There's still time for disaster to sneak in again while I'm too busy gloating to pay attention. I'd better keep that in mind. No gloating. Get on with it. So here I am writing this blog when I'm supposed to be doing art. Well, this is the first post since August 6th and writing, too, is an art. I was working in charcoal and thinking of my very tardy blog, which meant I wasn't getting too far with the charcoal, which is too bad since I really like the picture in progress.

My project, the dog's bath earlier this morning, I wouldn't call disaster. The dog has a vet appointment on Friday. It's nicer for the vet to see a clean dog than otherwise--and she really wasn't all that bad to begin with---now she's drying off in the kitchen. Washing the dog means washing the bedding too, for obvious reasons. This is the best day for it all, as tomorrow it's going to rain.

The lovebirds are listening to the radio, which is their third choice of all music forms in this house. CD's are first, records (yes, vinyl, 33 1/3) are second. First thing, they had records, but now the day will become nonstop, so the radio it is. I don't have time to keep turning over the stack of records, and if I don't, and the music stops, they yell in chorus for me to go fix it. Not in so many words, but I know the tone of voice. The light-rock station has a good variety. They squeak in rhythm with whatever happens to be on, knowing almost every tune so well that most of the time they are a beat or two ahead. They do the same thing with the classical music. They'll be fine. So will I, if I go back to the artwork and finish the pieces one at a time, beginning right now.

I wish each of my friends a good day that ends the way you want it to. What methods do you have for getting that to happen?