Friday, April 10, 2009

Although for several years I have had an art website, I hadn't yet listed it on my blog because it is being changed bit by bit, and all for the better. It just occurred to me, why ISN'T it listed? It has lots of good material on it, why wait 'til it's perfect to let more people know about it than already do? On thinking more about it (probably a dangerous thing), nobody's perfect, why would a website be? Life is change. If that sounds trite, okay. Trite sayings are around because they're true. Is that sentence a Trite Saying by now?
After all, the site shows improvement already, and this way everyone visiting will get to see more changes as they occur---kind of like a construction project which, I guess, it is. You'll see it at the head of the Link List
Today's entry is short. Yes. When the sun is out, all kinds of after-the-winter yard work gets started, causing more ambition, so indoor chores--No! No! Projects! Artwork, even---are also finished and more are set up, ready to go. Things just roll right along; a lot of doing, no time for writing. Enough said. I would say 'have the best of all possible days', but now it is evening. 'Good Evening' doesn't seem to work, either.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's spring---isn't it? There are 3 small clumps of daffodils (only planted last year) with shoots that are about 3 inches tall right at the edge of where the blue spruce branches spread out, easily seen from the living room window. Plenty of crocus are blooming in yards up and down the street, just not here in my yard yet. They're in the plan for next year. Blue and yellow ones. (How blue are crocus, anyway? Maybe they are more purple than blue. That's okay. It looks like Spring is going to take, here in Maine, now that the flowers are actually UP.

Some of my friends are still visiting in Florida. I can see where Florida could become a winter habit for many. For me, I don't mind the challenge of winter (especially now that it's gone for another few months). Partly, I guess, it's the feeling we get when we go out ahead of a storm, to do all possible errands while the traveling is still GOOD, and have done everything, even filling up the gas tank (!) and we get home again just as the first flakes start falling. Or even better, sleet, which REALLY adds to the feeling that we got away with something.

Actually, speaking for myself, it's just that I have never liked driving on slippery roads, not even a little bit. For years I put up with it, we all do, but now, working from home more than ever before, I have more of a choice. Besides, my car will last longer. I like my car, so there's that to consider. I like all my cars, some more than others. My last car was a good one. It looked good, ran fine, and certainly got me where I planned to go. By last year it was turning 20 years old, and the question does arise..... Just then another car I found looked pretty good. It is 10 years younger, too. The 20-year-old is still going strong for the girl who bought it. She lives in town, so I get to see that car coming and going now and then. It's the first car I've parted with that I've ever been able to say that about, though I remember them all.

If nothing else, maybe the quick before-the-storm trips are sort of a holdover from the days when people had to think ahead to survive. Who knows? Either way, it's rather exhilarating. That sounds as though I don't have a life, but really I do! :)) It's just that most of my life takes place in the house---serious projects, lined up one right after another. They are sitting there right now, too.

The snow-blowing/shoveling is not always the greatest, but not horrible. In the middle of it all, we always know spring is one day closer. The bird feeders get filled once the driveway is done (do the fun stuff last; plus, I can't get to them until some sort of path is cleared). The chickadees stop shouting then, happy to see New Food, and I get to go back in the house, so we all get a reward. There will be no more talk of winter for the duration. That means, not until at least the end of November.

Two days ago the sun was out all morning, then light rain which turned to POURING by late afternoon. The laundry I hung out early was 3/4 dry when I brought it in just as the drizzle began. Knowing it wouldn't dry completely, I hung it out anyway---what I'd get would be better than nothing, considering there aren't supposed to be sunny days until at least Sunday, and maybe not then. It's April! Temp.'s are around 50 now, so we're ahead. The grass will be greening up nicely, with this rain. Three days ago I got out in the late afternoon to rake 2/3 of the front lawn. It's in 3 sections; I did the two that I see from the living room windows and which really were the most covered with little blown-down branches, tiny pieces of the blue spruce branches and leftover fall leaves. Everything is so much easier to deal with, dry. When that rain came, it was a good feeling to know the waste bags were full and waiting to go to the compost mountain at the landfill.

True to form, the sun which was lovely for most of the morning, is gone. I did take time to visit a new (to me) early morning business networking group. To be sure to get there on time, I drove. At that, I was about 10 minutes late. It's really close enough to walk to, which will be good, and 7:30 is a really good time to meet that way one morning a week.

Now to work more on getting the artwork website redone. It's nearly ready. You might like to take a look at my LinkedIn site, which IS ready:

And do have the best of all possible days!