Friday, April 10, 2009

Although for several years I have had an art website, I hadn't yet listed it on my blog because it is being changed bit by bit, and all for the better. It just occurred to me, why ISN'T it listed? It has lots of good material on it, why wait 'til it's perfect to let more people know about it than already do? On thinking more about it (probably a dangerous thing), nobody's perfect, why would a website be? Life is change. If that sounds trite, okay. Trite sayings are around because they're true. Is that sentence a Trite Saying by now?
After all, the site shows improvement already, and this way everyone visiting will get to see more changes as they occur---kind of like a construction project which, I guess, it is. You'll see it at the head of the Link List
Today's entry is short. Yes. When the sun is out, all kinds of after-the-winter yard work gets started, causing more ambition, so indoor chores--No! No! Projects! Artwork, even---are also finished and more are set up, ready to go. Things just roll right along; a lot of doing, no time for writing. Enough said. I would say 'have the best of all possible days', but now it is evening. 'Good Evening' doesn't seem to work, either.

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