Saturday, July 2, 2011

Surprise...Summer Is Under Control

There IS no end to the surprises around here in the past weeks. The illustrations are finished and everything has been sent out. I hope that what I next hear from the publisher about this manuscript will also be an unexpected joy. Considering that I've made a list of publishers to send to---not planning to let this book sit around after any of its return trips to me---obviously the big surprise can only be that this current publisher will send an acceptance letter. Now wouldn't that be nice....

The remaining surprises:(1.) while going through older art magazines I found a reference photo that's been missing for 6 (!) years---oh yes---and what are the chances of that? (I had used it to mark my place). And I even still want to work from it. The way things can go, and usually do, is that I find some (very) long-lost landscape photo and say, "What did I see in that?" Not this time.
(2.) Everything got done---flowers planted in yard and window boxes; screen porch all ready for summer; lawn gets mowed before it starts looking like a horse should graze on it; "Everything" includes the writing assignment I had to finish, then cleanup of writing area and drawing area, and making out my list of entries for the Fryeburg Fair Exhibition Hall art show. Now summer is under control. Remember I said that. I can make art in peace, instead of rushing. Rushing gets old, don't you agree? Of course.
(3.) There have so far been only 2 Driveway Worms to rescue. Well, they're really earthworms. I think I would call them Nightcrawlers. Usually there are many, especially after a rain, and there they are, all stretched out as far as they can go (I THINK; how far CAN they stretch?) and all wishful,"...oh, where's the dirt...this doesn't feel right...need dirt...there's only this hard stuff...", and then there comes morning, and me, and before they know it, they're in the grass. (There, you guys).

Tomorrow afternoon I am to learn how to photograph my artwork and get it onto the computer in an orderly manner. THEN, I'm told, I can do all sorts of things with it. That should be good, technically challenged as I am. I'll have to take notes. The huge surprise here is that, weeks ago, the photographer checked my camera over and said it can do everything needed to get the job done. Who knew? Tomorrow: a very good time to learn a new way of doing. I'm delighted. There are many more happenings, but I'm sure, by now, I've mentioned enough.

This blog, titled Horses & More, has nothing about horses today, but plenty about More. Chickens. A good topic which will be showing up in the artwork before too long.Thinking about a Main Street restaurant, The Golden Rooster, got me to thinking of the big golden chickens we once had. They'd make good subjects, especially the Buff Orpingtons. Cochins of any color are always good, too. Our most memorable ones were the big white one and several gold ones.It's time to make time for them.