Friday, November 20, 2009

The Maine Illustrators Collective

My equine artwork, a cover for "Thunderhead" by Mary O'Hara, has the honor of a place in The Maine Illustrators Collective show, 'The Classics ReImagined' which may be viewed at the Freeport Public Library, Freeport, ME. We all enjoyed the opening.
It was fun seeing the reactions of visitors to the library as they viewed the various reimagined covers! What a variety of media and imagination all of the artists bring to their work.

Fall is winding down. That's nothing new. It actually isn't terrible to see it get dark so early now that leaves are mulched and deluged with rain. The ones that were raked, bagged in the free biodegradeable bags, set by the curb at 7 a.m. Monday as directed, were picked up by the town trucks and are doing their thing at the compost heap.
All the outdoor work is finished. Deadlines for writing and artwork are met.(All but one portrait). NOW is the time for closets! I am anticipating this, can you tell?
So: INTO the closets. GRAB all those clothes. KEEP only what truly is flattering. DRIVE everything else to Goodwill. But, don't leave to do that until clothes are sorted again and back on the closet pole, and shoes are organized on the floor. THEN, off to Goodwill.ALL THIS COULD TAKE MORE THAN ONE DAY. IF IT DOESN'T, and even if it does,THERE'S ALWAYS THE OTHER CLOSET. YES! DO THAT ONE TOO. HOW FREEING TO FIND WHAT I NEED TO WEAR WHEN I NEED IT.

And then, off to the artwork and more revisions for 'The Sidewalker", with a clear mind.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Positivity and the Maine Illustrators Collective

I have just finished reading a piece called, Beware of Your Inner Whining Artist, by Mark McGuinness. Anyone can be a W A. There are lots of reasons to be one. BUT---why waste the time? Instead, start work on a piece you have a good feeling about. Never mind that at some point, probably sooner than later, the Awful Thought comes along:
"Oh. What is the matter with this? Why did I ever start this? It's so ugly. A two-year-old could do this! What a waste of time this was." I do it all the time. If I paid much attention to it, I'd have a trash can full of Starts, and no Finished Work.
I used to get really discouraged, but finally (usually), would start working through the mess. Eventually the art as I had envisioned it, would begin to show itself. Oh joy! Keep on! Look what it's doing now--it's going to be okay.
That's why I liked the piece by Mr. McGuinness. Because positivity---which could also be called persistence---is the only thing that will help the artwork to turn out well. Whining certainly won't. It takes awhile to learn this, and there can be a surprise relapse any time, so I have to remember to be ready just in case.
The classic book cover illustration I recently completed for the Maine Illustrators Collective show, The Classics ReImagined, is the first I've ever done. I worked in pastel, which I hardly ever do, especially when it comes to horses, and the style is different from my usual work. That it is framed and enroute to the show, means that I do like it. I won't know until the other Collective members, and the public, see it, whether it appeals to anyone. That's the way it goes. I will hope. Go to for more about the Show, and to see their blog.