Saturday, March 3, 2012

War Horse Puppets---Almost More Like Horses Than Horses Are!

Before I go any further, here's a link to a site about the War Horse puppets. There's a videotaped interview on this site. Rather long, but worth the time. Very interesting. Toward the end, Joey the horse (puppet) will be active onstage. I went to the site just before posting this to be sure this link is working. And here's another: . I checked this link, too, just now. If you scroll to the bottom of page 1 and click on War Horse On Broadway, you'll see an ad for W.H. In a minute, the photo becomes one video clip after another, of bits of action from the play. The horses are great! Almost more like horses than horses are. (Well, you'll see what I mean).

Because it took me so LONG between last post and this one, I included more than one link. There's a lot more about War Horse if you google it.

My apologies for taking so long, due to circumstances. I have another post ready, which will be up in a few days if not sooner.