Monday, August 17, 2009

Pat Wooldridge's Equine Art and MEIC In Full Force

Yes, they are. In full force, that is. I'm so happy to have learned of the Maine Illustrators Collective, and to be able to offer my equine art as a part of their shows. I've mentioned in other posts, that I am doing dogs as well, now, so will plan on adding those as the need arises.
AND, it looks as if summer is here at last, which only adds to the ambition I"m feeling as I work on artwork for two State fairs---Windsor and Fryeburg. Lovell Arts and Artisans Fair, held last Saturday, August 15, turned out well for so many of us. The weather was nice, and I was pleased with my profits for the day. It was great, seeing my regular customers as well as new faces.

Isn't it great to finally (!) see decent summer weather! It's enough to build real enthusiasm and inspiration for painting, isn't it? (Heat or no heat. There are ways around that. Open the windows at night, close them in the morning, and the shades too, so the house stays cool). Then, work. Work some more. See some good results from all that effort.

With all this motivation going on, I must end my post and go do what I say I do before it's too late today to do it. There.
Do have the best of all possible days.