Friday, May 15, 2009

The sun is out, which makes a great day even better. It's been awhile since I've written anything here. Preparations for art shows are taking up quite a bit of time. There are three new ones coming up this summer; one, showing Black and White art, will be in Freeport, ME, in June. Another---Working Artists, will be in Kennebunk in July, and I'm working on a piece for a really fun show (does that phrase remind you of Ed Sullivan in any way??) that will take place in Kennebunk in August.
Paperwork, and figuring out how to send jpegs and tifs and all that, as attachments, takes up some time. Especially the jpeg or tif attachments, most of which, with me, do not succeed for awhile. Eventually, one way or another, though, they do. So if you also have problems getting these things to go where they're meant to, you are not alone.
The art website is still being updated, though you can get to it without a problem. The first page has a lot of written info, so it takes some patience to scroll down to the buttons, but come and take a look at the artwork, and keep at the scrolling for just a second or two, and the buttons are at the bottom of the page as usual. Soon they will be at the left hand side also. Much easier for you, then, and a load off my mind for your sake.
Time is valuable! I have to say, I didn't think about the time element when I had my webmaster put that ESSAY (you might as well say!) where it is. I wrote it, asked her to place it there, and for the time being there it is. I will see what to do about it.
This is one gorgeous day, with all that sun! Sometime in midmorning I plan to take a break from artmaking, writing, and meeting deadlines, and get out into the springtime, if all I do is stand there and look across at the neighbors' lilacs next door and the ones down the street, and at my own violets coming up in unexpected places wherever the wind blew the seeds last fall. It's always interesting to see where some of them end up.
A little break in the middle of things makes for more energy afterward. Come to think of it, a walk will be even better than just standing there!

Do have the best of all possible days!