Friday, October 30, 2009

New! A re-imagined classic book cover illustration!

I'm excited. For the first time I have attempted a Real Illustration, not just to see what might be possible, but with an actual purpose in mind. The Maine Illustrators Collective will hold a show at the Freeport Library through the month of November. The title of the show is, The Classics Re-Imagined. What better time could there be, to create an original book-cover illustration of one of my all-time favorites, "Thunderhead", by Mary O'Hara.

In a day or so I will post the illustration on this blog, but for now I just wanted to contribute SOMETHING pertinent, because I haven't written a word since the middle of September. With Fryeburg Fair to get ready for, be present at for its 8-day run, and then to get organized here at home again, who would guess time would fly so fast!

Now to get even more organized, and probably so completely that I will most likely scare myself. Then I'll be back to post again!