Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Positivity and the Maine Illustrators Collective

I have just finished reading a piece called, Beware of Your Inner Whining Artist, by Mark McGuinness. Anyone can be a W A. There are lots of reasons to be one. BUT---why waste the time? Instead, start work on a piece you have a good feeling about. Never mind that at some point, probably sooner than later, the Awful Thought comes along:
"Oh. What is the matter with this? Why did I ever start this? It's so ugly. A two-year-old could do this! What a waste of time this was." I do it all the time. If I paid much attention to it, I'd have a trash can full of Starts, and no Finished Work.
I used to get really discouraged, but finally (usually), would start working through the mess. Eventually the art as I had envisioned it, would begin to show itself. Oh joy! Keep on! Look what it's doing now--it's going to be okay.
That's why I liked the piece by Mr. McGuinness. Because positivity---which could also be called persistence---is the only thing that will help the artwork to turn out well. Whining certainly won't. It takes awhile to learn this, and there can be a surprise relapse any time, so I have to remember to be ready just in case.
The classic book cover illustration I recently completed for the Maine Illustrators Collective show, The Classics ReImagined, is the first I've ever done. I worked in pastel, which I hardly ever do, especially when it comes to horses, and the style is different from my usual work. That it is framed and enroute to the show, means that I do like it. I won't know until the other Collective members, and the public, see it, whether it appeals to anyone. That's the way it goes. I will hope. Go to http://wwwmaineillustratorscollective.org for more about the Show, and to see their blog.

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