Sunday, March 14, 2010

Horse Art and Fiction Writing

It will be best if the April-like RAIN pouring down today, doesn't give the flowers of May any ideas about growing! It is barely mid-March, not even time for mud season. There's one thing, though, that works for me: turn on some music which could be anything from CD's to tapes OR the oldies station on the radio, and definitely includes lp's.

With the last two chapters of the novel in full tilt, bringing me into Emma's world again (lately it's a hot summer day and a crisis is in the offing), there's no time to mix CD's of favorite oldies, and so---the radio. As for lp's, I kept mine when CD's came in and big-old-vinyl supposedly went Out. Now it's back. I say, "When did it leave?" With the 1970's stack-up turntable there's no limit to the mix. There are six records on there now: classical guitar, Frankie Carle cocktail piano, Glenn Yarbrough and the Limeliters AND Ian Tyson with what I call cowboy-folk.

There. That is good for the energy, today. No, music is not distracting to me.Let the rain pour down if it must. I hear that tomorrow will be better.

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