Wednesday, March 16, 2011

First Drafts Are Providing Inspiration

First drafts are providing inspiration today, for what has to come later. And what is that? Two good-size barn paintings, two equine drawings to complete, and an outline and proposal for a nonfiction book about my Great-uncle Byron's farm.

The outline and proposal would come first if I weren't at a loss as to how to begin. What stopped me? The stories of my first horses---all of them---that have clamored for years to be written. There they've been, somewhere in my mind, almost surfacing every time I attempt a new beginning with other material. So. Yesterday I finished an 8 page draft about Chief, the Appaloosa, and began the piece on Rajah, the iron grey Arabian. And, who would guess---early yesterday morning I turned on the bedside lamp, grabbed pen and paper, and the ideas for the beginning of the farm book are down on paper. Funny how that works, isn't it.....

Also funny; here I am---the one who always says a sunny day always makes me ambitious--- tearing up the keyboard, getting all of this stuff down and now really itching to get to some artwork before it just bursts out and goes---where? Mm. Here I am, happy with what got written, on a day when there's nothing but rain.

Well, as I told someone, I'll think about all of it, and think some more, until eventually I can't stand it anymore and out it will all come, and that's exactly what happened. Now, on to the next project. It's best to grab the chance now. Tomorrow is a day of work away from home; can't do any more with anything creative until Friday.

When are you the most energetic? Inspired to finish projects?


Uncle Ash said...

... looks great Pat!
Ready for summer yet? Say hi to all.

Ashley >
“Miami Beach - a sunny place for shady people.”

PRWooldridge said...

Thank you, Ash.I'm always ready for summer. Especially, I'm ready to see the screens go back onto the screened porch (nope, they won't go up by themselves. The landlord will do it by May, I hope). I'm planning to write and do artwork out there on nice days.

You have summer much more of the time in your sunny place for shady people; here's hoping all is going well for you.