Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring Fever At Therapeutic Riding Facility

Spring fever has hit the riding community. Students and volunteers at therapeutic riding facilities aren't immune. Today there was a neat post on my Facebook page from one of the facilities I have become acquainted with when doing some research. Titled "Driveway Trail Ride," the 4 photos were posted by Riding To the Top, located in Windham, and show well-bundled-up mounted students and their sidewalkers traveling up and down the long, straight driveway which is still snow covered. RTT is a ways inland from here. We at the coast got rain on Tuesday. They got about 3 inches of snow. I loved seeing this fun-on-horseback, and am sure the students have spent a long, long winter looking forward to the day they could again meet up with a good four-legged friend---and they do indeed form very strong bonds with their horses---and with their volunteers as well.

Today, with temperatures in the low 60's, and 2-inch-high daffodil sprouts in my back yard,we know spring is on the way, even though tomorrow it again will not look that way. The cold will be back for awhile yet. Who cares? We have today. Actually, all we ever have, anyway, is today. Each day is a new Today. Each has something good to offer. Might have to search, some days, but something good is there somewhere.

It won't be long before the screens are again put up, on the screened porch. I won't say I can't wait. Of course I can. Now's the time to complete all possible projects here in the house, and make a list of what I'd like to accomplish, in all ways, once the really nice weather arrives. So, be glad for a little more Inside Time. Look out at the grassy (muddy-grassy?) yard, still too wet to think about raking. Go out and pick up some little branches torn from the maples and the spruce, by the winds of winter. Write to my relatives. Do my volunteer work. Take my little spaniel for a walk on those nice, dry sidewalks she's been waiting for. And aim my mind toward the summer projects that must be planned and finished before the end of September, so my booth at Fryeburg Fair will look as though it has something going for it. That's half the battle.

Somewhere in the middle of all that, there's bound to be time to walk on a beach or two somewhere; to visit a couple of local working harbors with their lobster boats. And put my camera and sketchbook to good use.

Are you forming plans for the summer? For now, do have the best of all possible days.


Mrs. Mike said...

The first calling of the spring sunshine today in the PNW.
Cleaning beds, and mucking stalls. Carving doors and windows in a washing machine box.
Reading old "Highlights for Children" in it's shade.
As Shelley wrote, "if winter comes, came spring be far behind?"

PRWooldridge said...

A person after my own heart. Isn't it great to get out and begin those projects we've been waiting all winter to start on? Good reading material (Highlights) is always just the thing to bring along for break time, too. Another thing; for me, once winter takes hold, I start reminding myself that spring is one day closer each day. Guess you can figure winter is not my great favorite.