Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sunny Days = High Energy Level

Whether the sun is out or NOT (mostly NOT, this summer,) there has had to be a high energy level. Work is ongoing, getting ready for the Artists & Artisans Show, August 15, in Lovell, Maine (New Suncook School); also for Fryeburg Fair, October 4-11, Fryeburg, Maine.

Reference photos, sketches and nice new clean paper have taken over the place of framed original art and prints, which now are hanging in the Dyer Library, Saco, through this month.

I'll finish two commissioned pieces before starting anything else. And the last chapters of the novel for middle-grade readers are critiqued and on their way back, so then I'll revise the first half of the book, and get it sent---then work on the chapters just coming back, get them into shape, whatever that shape has to be, and out they go again. Then, out goes the whole book for a final critique. Then, one more revision, following any suggestions sent by the instructor.

It's great to have the whole thing filed on the computer. Everything is so much easier than it would otherwise be! I love working on this book, and not only because the computer is involved. Along with all of the challenges, and probably somewhat because of them, this is a fun story to write. How fortunate that I have this nice course to take, so I can learn as I go, make corrections, and come closer all the time to getting it right. I can't wait to get these chapters back! While waiting, in between drawing sessions, I'll work on a short story.

So, see? Whether the sun shines or the rain falls, energy comes from somewhere, and things get done. I can't imagine what the alternative would lead to!

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