Monday, July 20, 2009

'Comments' feature now working

It looks like my blogsite will now accept readers' comments. A friend has just notified me she has fixed this problem! please leave comments. If you would contact me at, I will answer your comments if you would like.
Another sunny day. Take advantage of it, everyone, to the best of your ability. For me, it's time to be thinking about the small watercolor paintings I'll do for the Lovell Art Fair, Aug. 15, and also to put out for sale in my booth at Fryeburg Fair.
Most definitely I must get going again with seascapes in oil ! There is a wonderful reason for this! I am truly enthusiastic at aiming to get back into seascapes. Enthusiasm is sometimes its own reward. In this case my second reward will be my efforts to follow the sea in oils, a venture begun during the years I lived in Kennebunkport, and never, ever forgotten.
My horse and dog art will not be forsaken. I will continue with it as well, full steam ahead.

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