Monday, June 15, 2009

Working Artists Show

King Rocky-pencil-by Pat Wooldridge
Just one of the pieces I will be exhibiting in the upcoming Kennebunk Library "Working Artists Show"

It's so great to be included in the MEIC Working Artists Show. Until I was contacted about this, I hadn't thought about what the the term Working Artist might mean. Certainly I didn't dwell on the fact that I have always held some sort of job---or jobs---while also creating art, and that I didn't have an outside money source other than my jobs. I just kept on combining art, and work, writing and family, volunteer work and everything else, into my days, finding ways to meet deadlines whenever they appeared.

When right in the middle of it all, there isn't much time to think about how, or if, it will all get done. We just keep on doing it. And now there's a show about it which will run for the first two weeks of July in Hank's Room at the Kennebunk Free Library. There's a whole list of Working Artists from the Maine Illustrators Collective on their blog will be participating. What fun!

The original artwork I would like to mention here is titled "Show Day!". These are Belgian show horses from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia. They appear at Fryeburg Fair each year. I took the reference photo while they were competing in the Four Abreast class at the Fair. This work can be seen on my website under Black and White Art.

WORKING ARTISTS SHOW runs July 2nd-July 31st

Artist's Reception is in Hank's Room, Kennebunk Free Library
July 8th 4:30-7:30pm The public is welcome. Come see my work!

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