Friday, June 8, 2012

How to Form a Daily Writing Habit | You Are a Writer

It's time to say more about how I write. Up to now things have been rather hit or miss with the writing, in that I don't write every single day. I'm taking Jeff Goins' 15 Day Writing Challenge so I can show myself the importance of writing daily. How to Form a Daily Writing Habit | You Are a Writer . 

Yes, along with being an artist, I am a writer. While I won't at this point write a new blog post every day, I will in a matter of weeks be much more regular with my posting. I'm aiming to post once each week. That gives readers time to see each new post AS new, rather than as an archived post after only one day. People become discouraged when they haven't gotten to the blog as planned, and when they do the post is old already. They feel as though they're missing out, or so I'm told by some professional bloggers.

Jeff's motivating article on forming a daily writing habit, makes sense. I'm enjoying reading it as well as the article for day 4 of the 15 day writing challenge. Obviously, I'm applying it; my butt is in the chair and my short blog got written.

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