Thursday, March 19, 2009

Welcome to my blog. Obviously, I'll be talking about horses and more---and here's the first example of More! These are Bob's mules.

This mule team was part of a sleigh rally held at a lovely farm in Harrison, Maine. During a break in the action I took at least eight reference photos for future use in my pencil art---and became so caught up in getting good, clear details and at least passable composition that I never noticed what they were doing to pass the time as they stood there. When I reveiwed the photos later, I sure found out. They had created new, funny faces for themselves, a different face for every frame. The photo you see, is the one I worked from. The finished artwork gathered some nice awards in a juried show and in a couple of State fairs. A man and his wife bought it at a summer art show and sent it to their mule-owning friends in Georgia.

I like this expression so well that I'm working on a second drawing. From anything I have read, it's all right to draw a duplicate as long as the purchasers know that this may happen.

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